The Ocean, one of the most amazing spaces and playgrounds humans have on earth. On one hand, inspiring stillness and harmony; while in the other, being an environment where energy expresses in dynamic, raw and intense ways.

In this environment Surfers and Freedivers have learned to thrive. A process that takes time, as one acquires qualities that provide “Self Reliance” in such a challenging place. They have adapted to fit in the Ocean as another aquatic creature.

Over the years the freediving community has accumulated, tested and perfected knowledge and training methods to enhance breath hold and overall under water performance.

Freedivers have a high level of awareness on the different phases the human body and mind go through during a breath hold scenario. When entering the Ocean, they have an effective “Underwater Conduct” that helps them save oxygen, move efficiently and avoid injuries, increasing the safety and joy of their activity.

The Surfer community, has engaged with the Ocean primarily on the surface. Spending long hours observing conditions (winds, wave directions, tides, sand bank formations, currents, etc), riding waves and once in a while going through raw and intense situations.

Through generations, surfers have developed a strong connection with the ocean and along with this, strong minds and bodies.

In January 2014, inspired by their passion for the Ocean and the joy one goes through when engaging intensely with Nature, the “Survival Apnea Team” put together fun and effective courses which aim to share “Surfers & Freedivers´ Insights” with other water enthusiasts, athletes and people in general.

Our courses and programs are designed on four powerful principles that are the pillars of Survival Apnea:

  • - Connection to Nature (Outside and Within)
  • - Breath Control
  • - Mental Strength
  • - Physical Preparation