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Augusto's Story 

Born and raised in Peru, I was blessed with having the Pacific Ocean as a backyard since a young age.

The constant interaction and engagement with it, through fishing, spearfishing and surfing made it easy for me to witness how connected and alive I became everytime I played and experienced challenges in nature.

Without me being aware, this early relation shaped who I was to become for the rest of my life.

SURVIVAL APNEA is the result of the commitment to this lifestyle. I founded this education system in 2014 


My name is Augusto Vegas, being an avid Surfer, Spearfisherman and Freediving Coach, in 2014 I decided to combine my Waterman experience to create courses and programs to help Surfers and Watermen of all levels deal with intense situations in the Ocean with more ease.

I've dedicated my life to instructing and coaching others on matters related to health, performance, lifestyle and interaction with nature. This has allowed me to create a simple, yet very effective, way to help others develop self-awareness, self-control, mental strength and learn how to tap into their full physical toughness.