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Learn to teach Survival Apnea 


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Are you a...

  • Surfer or Freediver with an interest in becoming an educator.

  • Surf instructor or coach in the search of new stuff to share with your clients.

  • Experienced Waterman (woman) interested in adding skills to your tool box.




This is a 1 month online course

  • Which can be completed in up to 3 months
  • Combination of pre-recorded videos and LIVE classes (which will be recorded)
  • Homeworks: practice of delivery skills and exercise demonstrations
  • Written summaries on downloadable PDF documents
  • Knowledge review test and video exam
  • Video proof of the fitness requirements
  • You will need access to a pool and a training buddy (or fake students) for approx. 20% of the course

  • Equipment required: mask, stopwatch, nose clip, a laptop and white board with markers.

Survival Apnea courses have been taught internationally in countries such as: Norway, Singapore, Thailand, Australia, Fiji, Indonesia, Malaysia, Kenya, Tanzania, UK, Costa Rica, Peru, Colombia, etc. Also, resorts as NIHI, Namotu Island and Uluwatu Surf Villas have hosted us. Plus we do collaborations with brands as Surf Strength CoachDrifter and BWRAG.



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 Learn to teach a proven education system that helps people develop ocean fitness and confidence

 Gain knowledge and skills of value that will make you a more complete ocean professional

► Become part of the Survival Apnea family and have access to our support system and all the benefits that come with it



Many years ago I discovered the teacher within me. I've spent most of my professional life working as an educator, instructor and coach. In 2014 I decided to start SURVIVAL APNEA.


My name is Augusto Vegas. Teaching, coaching and sharing knowledge & skills of value with thousands of people around the world constantly improves my methods. 


As a bodyboarder I came to the Survival Apnea course with the intention of feeling more comfortable in big waves and it turns out i found a new passion: freediving as SPORT. The way Augusto explains the concepts of physiology and physics of breathing and apnea are simple and clear to understand, accompanied by a practice that makes you internalize them quickly.
In the Survival Apnea instructor course I was able to go much deeper, learning to convey these concepts in a concise way and to teach the practicality of the exercises so that the students can use them in any stressful situation, not just in the water. All this information and training develops the crucial peace of mind that is needed to be focused on real sea situations.

Francisco Coll (Bodyboarder & Freediver)

February, 2018


"I did my Survival Apnea Instructor course with Augusto in Bali, and I couldn’t be more happy when I finally started the whole experience: it was exactly what I was looking for! As already a Freediving instructor, I was trying to figure out the best way to teach breathing and breath holding for people that might not be interested about depth Freediving but are still curious about the immense benefits of this practice. Augusto gave me all the tools I was looking for: the content, the techniques and the best way to communicate and share this specific knowledge. I am now a Survival Apnea Instructor in Costa Rica and I’ve had the pleasure to work and share with dozens of people this unique method for the past 2 years. Grateful and can’t recommend enough this course!"

Augusto Carrara (Surfer, Freediver & Survival Apnea Instructor)

November, 2018


"I have been surfing and freediving for many years and wanted to explore ways to combine the practices of these two sports. I was given the contact for Augusto’s Ocean Resilience course and recognised this as the development opportunity I had been searching for.  Completing the Ocean Resilience Course, I then following with the Instructor's Course was an amazing experience.Through the courses I developed a set of focusing techniques to be used in the water which provided me with the skills and confidence I needed to dive deeper and surf bigger waves. Augusto is an experienced teacher. He not only provided me with the tools for my own self-development but also equipped me with great tips in how to deliver this course to others. I am looking forward to continuing my own survival apnea journey and to passing on this knowledge through the Ocean Resilience Course which I am now qualified to deliver."

Geno Welburn (Surfer, Freediving Instructor & Lifeguard)

March, 2021


"As a freediving instructor, I wanted to take the Survival Apnea Instructor training to have a different approach to the practice of freediving in a more hostile environment as can be the surfing environment. This teaching method brought me a lot and helps me daily in the transmission of knowledge to my students. Thanks a lot Augusto."

Edouard Robart  (Freediving Instructor)

October, 2021


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