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Learn the foundations to

"Acquire the traits of a SOLID

WATERMAN (woman) and become Ocean Resilient"

Theory, Concepts & Exercises to guarantee your transformation

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▶︎ How well do you manage your resources (energy & oxygen) when dealing with challenges in the Ocean?

Your connection with the Ocean, your Surfing Life… started somewhere.


No matter the starting point, or what part of the journey you are at, there is a high chance that at some point on this adventure you’ve realized what a powerful environment it can be:

Not only experienced some of the most amazing sensations ever, but also the scariest moments you’ll ever encounter in this lifetime.

"Survival Apnea uses breathing and breath holding (apnea) exercises as tools to develop self awareness, self control, mental strength and show you how to tap into your full physical toughness."


▶︎ Develop physical adaptations and the mental skill to remain calm & focused under extreme discomfort: how to find tranquility in the middle of the storm.

▶︎ Be O2 and Energy smart when it matters.

▶︎ Improve your reactions (behaviors) to challenging situations: choose more empowering responses, by learning how to step into the space between stimulus and response.



This is a self paced course

  • It can be covered in 2 weeks, by dedicating 20 - 30 minutes of your day
  • 20 videos laying the foundations our education system is built on

  • 20 videos of breathing and apnea (breath holding) exercises on dry

  • 10 videos of pool exercises

  • Written summaries on downloadable PDF documents

  • You will need access to a pool and training buddy for approx. 20% of the course

  • Equipment required: mask, stopwatch and nose clip



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  • Clearly explained concepts
  • Solid foundations to guide your transformation
  • Better understanding of body and mind matters
  • How to transfer our teachings into real life 


Breathing & Breath Holding Exercises

  • Simple, safe and easy to follow
  • Practice anywhere
  • Adjustable progressions and levels of difficulty
  • No need to have a training buddy


Pool Exercises

  • Simple, safe and easy to follow
  • Exercises adaptable to different pool sizes
  • Adjustable progressions and levels of difficulty
  • Some need a training buddy, others don't




Insights & Exercises

  • Additional insights to validate our teachings
  • Deepen your experience and become aware of more benefits
  • Extra breathing, apnea and pool exercises




▶︎ Development of self-awareness & control

▶︎ Enhanced breathing skills

▶︎ A mind that is harder to break

▶︎ The ability to tap into your full physical toughness

▶︎ Smarter with the use of your resources (O2 & Energy) when it most matters

▶︎ Improved desicion making and reactions under stressful and challenging situations

▶︎ Healthier lungs

▶︎ and offcourse, you'll be able to hold your breath for much longer


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Are panic, anxiety and breathlessness common in your surf sessions?

To become Ocean Resilient, one must first acquire some basic level of Ocean Fitness and Confidence.

These come in part from spending time at sea, learning, observing, engaging.

Also, Ocean Fitness and Confidence will result from developing a strong connection with self and becoming more aware of your habitual thoughts, emotions and reactions to the different scenarios you encounter. Which will then allow you to improve on them over time.

With the right guidance, you will be able to take this practice from controlled environments to your Ocean experience.


This will translate to being more at home at sea, in a better position to work on your performance, as less things will be holding you back.



Everyone who has participated in this course, from total beginner to big wave or professional surfer, has taken something of value with them. Pay attention, trust the process and enjoy the journey!!!

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The main intention of all my courses, workshops and programs is guide your journey to discover the resilient being that exists within us all.


My name is Augusto Vegas and I started with SURVIVAL APNEA in 2014. Having over 10 years as an educator has allowed me to create a simple, yet very effective, way to help others develop self awareness, self control, mental strength and learn how to tap into their full physical toughness.  

I will make sure to teach you how to take these insights from theory to their application in real life Ocean scenarios.


"I've taken two apnea courses concentrating on apnea for freediving. While those skills were valuable they were less applicable to the particular parameters found while surfing. Augusto taught me techniques that I definitely found helpful."

Judson Krosney (Surfer & Spearfisherman)

August, 2019


"Absolutely amazing. So relatable to what I wanted to focus on and the exact knowledge given to be able to achieve what I wanted and find how my mental and physical being capabilities are for open ocean situations and how to deal with these situations appropriately."

Brad Beck (Surfer and Tropic Surf Instructor)

July, 2018


"I went from holding my breath for 40 seconds the first day to 3 minutes when the program was over. I surf and I find that my fear is holding me back from progressing. Learning and understanding about breath holds and the physiology around it has made me so much more confident in the waves. And the feeling of getting to know this side of myself and overcoming the physical urges in my body felt so surreal and empowering. I totally recommend this program to anyone who want to feel even more confident in the water or if you just want to learn about yourself and pushing your own limits. Such a fulfilling experience!"

Runa Weidemann (Surfer)

July, 2014


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