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LIVE Talks & Interviews

interviews live talks Dec 14, 2022

One of the most important objectives in Survival Apnea is making sure that our teachings find real LIFE applications by all of our students, with ease and efficiency.

For this reason, every once in a while we go on LIVE talks or interviews with experienced/professional surfers, coaches, journalists or past students: some of these people include Ramon Navarro (BIG wave surfer), Brisa Hennessy (PRO surfer), Cris Mills (Surf Coach) and Matt George (Surf journalist).

Here you'll get to see what others have gone through, how they manage to get through difficult situations in the ocean or simply get a different angle on how "surf specific" breathing and apnea training will be of your benefit.

You can find these LIVE talks and interviews in our:

Hope you find them inspiring

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