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The 3 Captains: Mind, Breath & Body

body breath mind self-awareness self-control three captains Dec 01, 2022

Through the simple explanations and exercises on this video, experience first hand how breathing and apnea practices will be of your benefit.

By following our programs you will develop and master how to:

✓ Enter deep relaxation states: cultivate presence & calmness

✓ Protect yourself from anxiety, anticipation & panic

✓ Expand your lungs and get the best from your breath: air pressurization & buoyancy control

✓ Use breath to control mind & body

✓ Manage stress using proven techniques

✓ Be smart with the use of resources (Energy & O2)

✓ Improve your reactions & behaviours when dealing with challenges at sea

✓ Get and maintain healthier lungs

✓ ...and off course, hold your breath much longer




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